Email Retention in SVVSD

Beginning on April 1, 2022, all email older than 4 years will be automatically deleted
UNLESS it is tagged with the district-wide label SVVSOfficialRetain.

Current PracticeNEW PracticeYour Action Items

Email in Trash
Email that a user places in trash is retained by the district for an additional 30 days.No change.NO new action required.Continue to delete emails on a routine basis if they are no longer required.

All other email
Except for email that is placed in the trash, all messages are kept for all users indefinitely.Starting April 1, 2022: All email older than 4 years that is not labeled for retention will be auto-deleted. 

A new Gmail label, SVVSOfficialRetain, has been created for all users. Any email to be retained for longer than 4 years MUST have this label applied or it will be automatically deleted at 4 years of age.
PRIOR TO APRIL 1: Use the label SVVSOfficialRetain to label any emails that should be retained longer than 4 years. This includes both email you’ve SENT and RECEIVED.Learn more about using labels in this Google Support document

Official records retention
Records exist in multiple repositories depending on the purpose and the department (paper cumulative files, electronic storage on district servers, etc)In FY23, a new records retention policy and platform will be selected and adopted for district-wide use.Look for information and training in the 2022-2023 school year.

Here’s the Why….

  • To help all users and the district RETAIN important documents that are currently stored in email
  • To reduce district risk by making sure that email is SECURE and only stored as long as necessary
  • To COMPLY with industry best practice for email retention along with board policy, state and federal regulations
  • To STREAMLINE Gmail and guarantee your long term access to the emails you need to work and serve in St. Vrain

What email should I retain? What can I delete?

  • Board Policy EGAEA outlines the retention policy for the district:
    • Upon sending or receiving an electronic communication, all users shall segregate or store those communications that are public records. Public records are those that evidence the district’s functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the district or that contain valuable district data.
    • Electronic communication on district technology devices or district electronic communication systems shall be retained only as long as necessary. Such electronic communication shall be deleted on a routine basis unless otherwise required to be retained by district policy or state or federal law.
  • Review the Colorado Records Management Manual for additional guidance.
  • Contact the Records Management department, your Area Assistant Superintendent or HR for specific questions.


*The Board of Education approved the state recommended record retention
schedule on behalf of St. Vrain Valley School District. – January 10, 2014