T-Mobile Hotspot Setup and Use

The T-Mobile hotspot provides wireless Internet access in areas where our district wireless is not available (outdoors, athletic fields, etc). The T-Mobile hotspots are available for use to support student learning at your school and at school-sponsored events such as field trips.

Hotspot components

Powering the Hotspot

The hotspot has a battery and can work without being plugged in to power for several hours. The hotspot works from its charged battery alone, or when the device is plugged into a power source.

Before using your mobile hotspot, ensure that the battery is fully charged. Be sure to use the charger that came with your device.

Use the included microUSB cable and power adapter to recharge.

Using the Hotspot

  • It normally takes 3~5 hours, depending your power sources and device status to fully charge the battery.
  • The battery discharges faster as additional devices connect to your hotspot.
  • Battery life depends on the network, signal strength, temperature and usage.
  • When charging, keep your device near room temperature.

Viewing Hotspot Information

You can view information including the wifi network name and the data remaining for the month by cycling through the information screens on the front of the hotspot.

To cycle through information screens, press and release the power button. The information screen will dim after a few seconds to save battery.

Joining the Hotspot Network

Use the power button on the hotspot to cycle to the information screen that displays the Network name.

On an iPad, open Settings from the home screen and tap on Wi-Fi as shown in the image below. Tap on the network name that matches the one shown on the display of the hotspot.

Use the power button on the hotspot to cycle to the information screen that displays the network password.

When prompted on the iPad, enter the password shown on the display of the hotspot.

Other Information

  • Hotspots and chargers will not be replaced if they are lost/damaged.
  • The T-Mobile hotspots have a content filter enabled that should not be disabled.  
  • Each hotspot can support up to 12 connected devices for basic web browsing.
  • The data plan for each hotspot is limited to 20GB/month. If the limit is reached before the month is over, it will reset at the start of the next monthly cycle.