Priority Matrix

Severity/Status of serviceImpact
I1 – Entire district / multiple campusI2 – Entire or partial campusI3 – Entire office, cart, or labI4 – Entire classroomI5 – Individual user
S1 – Access to Network/ Enterprise Systems unavailableP1P1P2P3P3
S2 – Performance poor or unacceptably slowP1P2P3P3P4
S3 – Interferes with normal completion of work; workaround existsP2P3P4P4P4
S4 – Request for a current district-approved tool or service to improve instruction or productivityP3P4P4P4P4
S5 – Programming/Project RequestsSpecific project requests fall outside of the matrix above, and are discussed with DTS well prior to the requested completion so that a timeline can be determined.
Services provided by Third PartyServices provided by third parties are outside of direct DTS control, which may result in longer times than listed.
Rework requestsIn the rare event that a closed work ticket requires additional immediate attention, the technician will make contact and attempt to resolve the issue on the next business day.

Note: Prioritization is based in part upon scope of the impact and safety considerations.

Priority CodeExamplesTarget ResponseTarget Resolution*
P1 – Critical priorityEnterprise system down; wireless down; entire site network down; entire site, all labs, carts, or phones completely down; Any safety or security matter.15 minutes 4 hours
P2 – High priorityVIPs, HR, or Finance individual; projector lamp burned out, multiple copiers down, significant problem with a testing computer during state assessments1 hour †1 work day
P3 – Medium priorityClassroom Pole Vault/Calypso system down, LTP-provided computer/iPad completely down, single phone down, single copier down, significant problem with a testing computer during district assessments3 working days †5 working days
P4 – Standard priorityNetwork drop activation, individual computer issues (i.e. browser doesn’t work, single application, printer, iPad, Calypso) new network drops, new equipment setup, computer imaging, courtesy checks (media systems, interactive whiteboards, etc.), all other work tickets not addressed above.5 working days †12 working days
Programming and project requestsReport card change, new system implementation, new software and hardware installationDetermined via conversation with DTS †TBD

* within core hours

† Automated email notification of call being logged within 1 hour.

Revised February, 2017