ClassLink QuickCards

Note: Before a teacher can generate a QuickCard for a student, the student must login to ClassLink once to activate their account.

ClassLink QuickCards are available to PK-2nd grade teachers and their students. To troubleshoot logging in with ClassLink QuickCards, please review this knowledge base article.

A QuickCard has a QR code printed on it. Wave the QuickCard in front of the iPad camera within the ClassLink iOS app and the student is instantly logged in to ClassLink. The QuickCard’s QR image contains an encrypted code which takes the place of a username and password.

QuickCards may be used with younger students when focusing on instructional goals (for example, iReady lessons). Logging in is a foundational skill and therefore it remains imperative that schools have a plan to provide regular, dedicated practice time for students to become proficient at logging in.

Teachers are able to manage QuickCards via the Class QuickCards app. To read more about the app, please review these instructions. 

By using QuickCards, teachers are agreeing to follow the best practices listed below to protect student data privacy:

QuickCards will be routinely deactivated to maintain data privacy. 

If a QuickCard is lost, please reset and issue a new QuickCard.

Identify a secure location in your room to store QuickCards when not in use.