Infinite Campus Control Center-Campus Instruction

With the latest update to Infinite Campus the Control Center ‘new look’ is permanent.

Use the Control Center to take attendance and score assignments easily, as well as other common tasks.

Classroom Settings

Click the gear icon at the top right of each period to customize that tile. 

In the Settings menu, customize the name of the classroom. This name only displays here in the Control Center, it does not appear anywhere else in Campus, for you or your students. 

The Included Sections list includes all sections that meet during this period. 

Customize the icon that displays for each period by selecting an icon and color. A Preview of what the icon looks like displays. 

Click Save to apply your changes.

Taking Attendance

Sections for which attendance needs to be taken are indicated with an orange dot once the period has ended. Prior to the end of the period, attendance that will need to be taken during the day is indicated with an empty grey circle. The number of students expected in the class is also shown. Completed attendance is indicated with a green check and the number of students present and expected. Click the student icon, the first one in each tile, to enter student attendance.

Mark the Present, Absent, or Tardy buttons to record student attendance. Click  to enter a comment for absences and tardies if applicable. Comments display in Campus Student and Campus Parent. A count of all present, absent, and tardy students displays above the attendance buttons. 

Click Save when finished.

If attendance has been recorded by the attendance office, the attendance code displays with any comments, which cannot be edited by the teacher.