i-Ready FAQ

I’m having trouble logging-in. What should I do?

All i-Ready access starts in Classlink. Students and classroom teachers will open the blue app in Classlink. The app is assigned automatically in Classlink. If the app does not show, then there is an issue with IC. If admin, they will download the white ready app from the Library in Classlink. If they are not a classroom teacher and cannot cannot get into the iReady admin app, please fill out this form.

Administrators and non-classroom teachers
All Students and Classroom Teachers

Students and Classroom teachers need the iReady iOS app installed from self service if they are using an iPad to access iReady.

Students do not use the white iReady app in Classlink and cannot download it.

  • Make sure you login through ClassLink if you are a student or teacher with rosters.
  • If you have an i-Ready admin account, login through https://login.i-ready.com 
  • Clear cache and cookies – If a student is on a Chromebook, please make sure that they log out after each use.
  • Check IC to verify accurate enrollment for students. Teachers, make sure that you are listed as the primary teacher for your classes in IC. 
  • Some settings could be interfering with your access to online digital curriculum. Visit this link to see what your settings should be.
  • If you are using an iPad, try these additional steps if you are still unable to successfully login.
  • If you are a Middle School or High School student, you may need to change your password.

Can I use a Chromebook?

Yes! i-Ready supports most of the major internet browsers including Chrome. Please log into ClassLink first.

What are the current i-Ready Minimum Requirements?

Browsers and Operating Systems (OS)
i-Ready supports most of the major internet browsers (Safari®, Chromium Edge®, Chrome, and Firefox®) and operating
systems (MacOS®, Windows® 7 & 10 and ChromeOS™). In order to ensure the best experience, please make sure the
browser version and OS used for i-Ready are fully supported. The complete list of supported browsers and OSs can be
found in the system requirements on the i-Ready Support page.

Does i-Ready have practice tests and samples I can use?

i-Ready does not have a practice test or log-in that allows teachers to take the Diagnostic. The only Diagnostic items we have access to are sample PDF’s and tutorials in iReady Central, which can be found here. Teachers can check out the Standards Mastery test items, if that’s something the classroom teachers will be utilizing.

I am unable to login to i-Ready, and an error message says “account is no longer active.” What should I do? 

Make sure that you are listed as the primary teacher for your classes in IC. 

As a long-term sub, how do I access i-Ready?

Please do not use another teachers login info. Make sure that you are assigned as the Primary Teacher in IC for all classes you are subbing for. You will login to i-Ready through Classlink using your network credentials.

Can my students use i-Ready at home and on the weekends?

No, i-Ready is not available on weekends and after 6pm weekdays.

The sound is not working for i-Ready testing. What should I do?

This is likely an issue with the device, not i-Ready itself. Make sure the device is not on mute, which can be checked on an iPad by using the switch on the side of the device by the volume button. On a desktop or laptop, check System Preferences under sound. Check to ensure that the default audio device is set to the correct output. For example, it may be originally set to the HDMI output, so you must change it to the headset output.

How do I reset a password for i-Ready access?

You cannot reset your password in i-Ready because we use Single Sign On (SSO) for access to i-Ready and all other Digital Curriculum. For admin users, contact the help desk or submit a ticket here.

Why can’t I bring up any of my responses in the instruction reports from i-Ready?

Flash needs to be updated, please contact the help desk.

How do I get i-Ready added to my Classlink launchpad?

Your class in IC needs to be shared with i-Ready/Classlink. If you do not have a class and/or a roster of students in IC, you will be unable to access i-Ready. If you are an admin, have an admin account, and need the iReady Admin app, it is available for download in the app library.

I have a student who is only on the roster for one subject, not both. How do I get them registered in both subjects?

Have your registrar enroll the student in a Reading and Math class in IC.

Why can’t I see my students’ scores?

You are unable to see your students scores because a diagnostic assessment time limitation exists. In i-Ready there is only one time constraint for a diagnostic assessment: the diagnostic assessment must be completed within 21 days of the start date. After 21 days, the diagnostic assessment expires, and the system automatically resets the diagnostic. This is done to maintain the integrity of the data and to follow best practices for assessments.

Does my device meet i-Ready’s system requirements?

You can test your computers to see if they are running the required software by opening this webpage in a browser that is being used for i-Ready: https://cdn.i-ready.com/systemcheck/

Please share the results with DTS. You are able to click the SELECT REPORT button in the REPORT section of the System Check. This will highlight all of the results and you can copy & then paste the full report in an email or document.