Gale in Schoology

Gale is accessed through Schoology. Instructions on how to login to Schoology through a browser can be found here, and instructions on how to login to Schoology on the iPad can be found here.

Browser Only: Some apps are already added inside Schoology. Listed on the left side bar inside your course.  In the Schoology App, the left sidebar does not show. In order for students to access desired material you must add a link in your course. See directions below.

For Teachers:

  1. Go to desired Gale Site on the left side in your course
  2. Find desired material
  3. Choose “Get Link”
  1. Copy Link
  2. In your course, choose Add Materials and Link
  3. Paste link

For students to view in the app:

  1. When students click on the link posted by teachers, they will need to log in with their SVVSD Google account.
  1. Students must “allow” the connection. It will prompt them

 if it is their first time logging into Gale.