Discovery Education FAQ

I am having trouble logging in. What should I do?

  • Make sure you login through Classlink if you are a student or teacher with rosters. 
  • Clear cache and cookies – If student is on a Chromebook, please make sure that they log out after each use.
  • Check IC to verify accurate enrollment for students. Teachers, make sure that you are listed as the primary teacher for your classes in IC. 
  • Some settings could be interfering with your access to online digital curriculum. Visit this link to see what your settings should be.
  • If you are using an iPad, try these additional steps if you are still unable to successfully login.
  • If you are a Middle School or High School student, you may need to change your password.

How do I add students to my class?

Discovery Education is linked to IC, so your Discovery Education classes will be automatically registered. If you are missing a student, make sure that the student is rostered into a MS Science or Social Studies class in IC, and ensure that the student has waited two full days after being correctly entered into IC to access their curriculum.

I am missing some of my classes from Discovery Education. How do I get these classes?

Make sure that you are listed as the primary teacher and have students rostered in that class.

I see a lot of old classes. How can I delete them?

Teachers need to delete classes every year or every term. You can do this by choosing archive in your class list. 

It is important for old Discovery Education classes to be archived each year in order to avoid possible confusion. If any of your classes were created over a year ago, they need to be archived. In order to do this, go to classroom management on the left side of your screen. Here, the date each class was created is recorded. If this date is from over a year ago, archive the class by clicking “Archive” under actions. See the attached picture for clarification. If you have any questions, feel free to post in this discussion and help each other out.

I am a para. How do I get access to Discovery Education?

Please ask your registrar and teacher to list you as a co-teacher for that class.

The audio is not working in Discovery Education. What should I do?

On a desktop or laptop: 

Check System Preferences under sound. Check to ensure that the default audio device is set to the correct output. For example, it may be originally set to the HDMI output, so you must change it to the headset output.

On an iPad:

Make sure the device is not on mute, which can be checked on an iPad by using the switch on the side of the device by the volume button. 

How to Enable Text to Speech on the iPad

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech and turn on Speak Selection and Speak Screen by sliding the toggle switch to the right.
  • Next, adjust the speed of the speech by sliding the speaking rate slider to the right (or the left) until the voice reads at an acceptable pace for your needs.
  • Turn on Highlight Content. This option highlights words on the screen as they are read aloud by the iPad. It is a great feature that is a real boon for students and is proven to help improve reading skills.

My videos aren’t loading. What should I do?

Submit a ticket to Discovery Education using the following steps:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page with the issue and click on “Contact Us”.
  • The next screen is the Customer Support Page. Please fill out the form.