Common Lit FAQ

I am having trouble logging in. What should I do?
  • Make sure you login through Classlink if you are a student or teacher with rosters. 
  • Clear cache and cookies – If student is on a Chromebook, please make sure that they log out after each use.
  • Check IC to verify accurate enrollment for students. Teachers, make sure that you are listed as the primary teacher for your classes in IC. 
  • Some settings could be interfering with your access to online digital curriculum. Visit this link to see what your settings should be.
  • If you are using an iPad, try these additional steps if you are still unable to successfully login.
  • If you are a Middle School or High School student, you may need to change your password.

I would like to print the scores individually for each student, so they can know how they did and areas that need improvement?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Teachers can download the csv files of their data, but not PDFs of the dashboard.

  • Two possible solutions: 1. Students should be able to log in to CommonLit and see how they’ve done on their assignments. 2. You can print out the screen as a PDF or screenshot.

There also is a module in the CommonLit PD Portal (top right corner when you’re logged in) that deals specifically with  helping student use CL data to set goals.