Getting Started with ClassLink for Students

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ClassLink allows the opportunity for students and staff to sign into one dashboard, ClassLink LaunchPad, and access curriculum and other resources with a single click of a button. ClassLink is available as an iPadOS app and as a Web browser extension.

How do I access ClassLink?

Use the ClassLink LaunchPad iPadOS App

  • Download and install the ClassLink LaunchPad app using the iPadOS Self Service app
  • Search for vrain
  • Find and select St. Vrain Valley Schools
  • Sign in with your district username and password
  • Note: This is recommended for students using district iPads

Use a Web browser

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your district username and password
  • Note: If prompted, install the ClassLink browser plugin on Google Chrome

I have added an app in the library, however, I am not able to login from ClassLink into the app. How do I login?

Some of the apps that are available in the ClassLink library may only be available for certain classes or a specific group of users. If you believe there is an app that you should have access to, please reach out to your teacher for next steps. Your teacher may need to submit a request to the District Technology Services Help Desk.

What is the difference between the ClassLink Schoology Web Version and the Schoology iPadOS app? 

The Schoology Web Version in ClassLink will open the Schoology website on a browser. This is recommended when using a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook. 

Using the Schoology iPadOS app directly (not using the ClassLink’s Schoology Web Version) is recommended on iPads to ensure that Schoology works well with other connected applications.

What apps need to be installed on the iPad in addition to ClassLink?

iReady, Seesaw, Lexia Core5 and Lexia PowerUp must be installed from the iOS Self Service to access from ClassLink.

Webex and Schoology must be downloaded from Self Service and must be logged into directly outside of ClassLink.

I’m having troubles logging in, what should I troubleshoot?

Please visit this support article for more information.

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