Summer 2021 Student Device Support Request Forms

Sites’ Request Forms


As students will now be keeping their technology over the summer for the first time, we have an opportunity to plan together what support for families might look like when school building our closed.

In the spring of 2021, our secondary ITAC (Instructional Technology Advisory Committee) met to discuss and make recommendations around the question: How might schools provide LTP support to students and families over summer break? 

After considering various options and reaching out to get feedback, the committee brought forward the following recommendation:

  • Each feeder system will create a Google form for families to request tech support during the summer months.
  • Each school will communicate the link to the form to their families AND to DTS so that DTS can provide the link to families who may call the Help Desk.
  • Each school will designate one or more “on call” staff members to monitor the form in June and July.
  • On call staff will reach out to connect with families via phone, email, or in person as needed to provide support.
  • Schools will pool their remaining LTP hours to provide extra duty pay for the staff monitoring the form and supporting families during these months.