Connection Guide for Classroom with HDMI or Apple TV

iPad tethered to MacBook Air with HDMI connection

This method consists of connecting your iPad to your MacBook Air via the USB port on your HDMI dongle, then connecting an HDMI cable into the dongle and your classroom’s HDMI wall jack.  This option would be the least mobile, as you will need to leave all of your equipment in a fixed location.  However, it may be the best method for ensuring connectivity for your classroom needs.

iPad tethered to MacBook Air with Airplay to Apple TV

This method is used for teachers whose desk may not be near the HDMI wall jack in the classroom.  We still recommend tethering your iPad to your MacBook Air, as explained in the first example, but using Airplay with the Apple TV to display your screen. Here’s an article on how to connect using Airplay.

MacBook Air with HDMI connection, iPad using AirServer

This last method of connection is for those teachers who would like to have the ability to be mobile while teaching.  Connect your MacBook Air to the HDMI wall jack through your HDMI dongle.  Use the AirServer application on your computer to connect your iPad to your MacBook Air.  If you do not have the AirServer application installed, you can download it from the Self Service program within your Application folder.