Printing from a Chrome Device

You will need to follow these steps whenever you logon to a new Google Chrome-based device. These steps will allow you to print to the SVVSD-SPEAR multi-function printer only.

Step One:

Log into the Google Chrome-based device and go to Chrome Web Store page for Mobility Print. Once there, select the Add to Chrome button, then click Add App on the pop-up window.

Step Two:

Go to Print… This will open the Google Print Window.

Step Three:

Next, click on the Destination drop down menu and select See more…

Step Four:

Select SVVSD-SPEAR – [Global] from the list of printers.

Step Five:

A window will show up asking for you to Sign in to print.  Enter district username (lastname_firstname) and password. Do NOT enter your full email address. Additionally, make sure to check the Remember me box so your information is saved for future printing.

Step Six:

Lastly, click on Sign in and print.