Knowledge Management Process


The process for adding new articles or updating existing ones to the Tech Support Knowledge Base on an as needed basis. see also KB Annual Review Process

Requestor identifies a knowledge base need and submits a request

  1. By sending email to with the request and any of the following when applicable:
    1. Product or process name
    1. Existing article URL for updating, replacing, or referencing
    2. Impact and urgency of the addition or update
    3. Recommended search tags
    4. Intended audience (DTS, employees, educators, new employees, parents, students, etc.)
    5. Related Topic Page
    6. Link to draft if a new or replacement article
    7. Updates requested, if minor
    8. Unpublish or delete request, if a major rewrite is needed and/or the current post is providing bad information 

Help Desk 

  1. Reads through the submission and existing article
    1. Verifies with the contacts on Codex if the requester is authorized to update the knowledge base
    2. Searches knowledge base for related articles and notes any in the ticket
    3. Sends an email from ticket asking for missing info from the submission
      1. SD Template: KB – Submission Review
    4. Transfers ticket to KB queue

KB Team

  1. If the request is only simple updates or formatting, skip to 2. 
    1. If the request requires content to be composed, get the responsible party to either write or delegate
      • Assign ticket to a writer 
        • SD Template: KB – Writing Assignment
      • The writer completes the draft and assigns the ticket to KB team
    2. KB team verifies and considers:
      • Format article
      • Evaluate and set
        • Categories
        • Tags
        • Audience
        • Technologies
    3. Publish the article
    4. Resolve ticket with SD Template
      • KB – New Article or
      • KB – Quick Update)