Providing Extra Credit in Schoology

(for Infinite Campus/Grade Passback users)

Give extra credit for work or participation completed outside of Schoology, by adding a Grade Column in your Schoology Gradebook

Warning: Do not run the sync for the assessment until you have completed step 6.

  1. In your course, open the Gradebook.
  2. Click [+] on the upper right corner.
  3. Select Add Grade Column.
  4. Add Title, Points, Grading Category, and Grading Scale.
  5. For the Title (I name it this…..”Extra Credit (put original assignment name here) – For Gradebook”)
  6. Change the category for the old assessment to ungraded and unpublish it after everyone has turned it in and you have copied the grades over to the new grading column.

Note: Grade columns do not have due dates associated with them. If you are using Infinite Campus with grade passback, note that the grade column item may sync to your Infinite Campus grade book with a default due date of the last day of your grading period.