Change Advisory Board Meetings


The Change Advisory Board (CAB) meets the week before Scheduled Service Disruptions and on an as-needed basis for changes needing to be implemented with Out of Band.

The list of Scheduled Service Disruptions can be found on


  • Voting
    • Change Manager – required
    • Representative CAB Members – required
  • Non-voting
    • Change Requestors – encouraged
    • Other DTS Staff – optional
    • St. Vrain staff, vendors, or other guests – optional
      • let the Change Manager know if a DTS staff member should be added to the invite

CAB Meeting Agenda Items

  • Review implemented changes since the last meeting
    • Determine if any should become predefined
    • Discuss any other takeaways and lessons learned
    • Reschedule any changes that could not be implemented
  • Review and vote to approve or deny new changes
  • Verify and validate schedule for conflicts