Change Manager, Change Advisory Board, and Change Owner

Change Manager

DTS Change Manager is a responsibility of the Manager of IT Service Delivery


  • Promotes Change Management to the department and district
  • Change Management point of contact
  • Monitors the Change Queue in ServiceDesk
  • Manages the DTS Change Management calendar
  • Schedules changes to ensure no overlap
  • Authorizes Predefined changes
  • Schedules and chairs CAB meetings
    • Maintains Agenda
    • Invites stakeholders from DTS and other departments or schools based on the changes being covered
  • Provides feedback to requestors

Back up for Change Manager

  1. Senior Manager of IT Operations and Infrastructure
  2. Director of Learning Technology or Executive Director of Data and Analytics or Manager of Technical Support
  3. Project Coordinator

Change Advisory Board (CAB)

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is primarily composed of rotating members representing the different groups within District Technology Services. This helps spread the workload and ensures that everyone is familiar with the process from beginning to end.

  • Membership
    • Change Manager
    • One representative from each
      • Data and Analytics
      • Learning Technology
      • Ops and Infrastructure
      • Tech Support
      • Security
  • Member Terms
    • Change Manager – permanent
    • Representatives – appointed by core leadership for a minimum of three months
  • Duties
    • Monitors the Change Queue in ServiceDesk
    • Review all Change Requests
    • Attend all CAB meetings
    • Vote to approve (no concerns) or disapprove (provide questions or concerns) on Change Requests
      • either within the change tickets or at the CAB meetings
    • Provide expertise, perspective, and feedback to optimize the DTS change process
    • Keep own team and own leadership aware of relevant changes

Change Owner

A Change Owner is the DTS staff member that is the person responsible for making sure the change is accurately, successfully and thoroughly completed.

  • Duties
    • Starts Change Worksheets
    • Coordinates collaboration to complete well-documented Change Worksheets with formal or informal meetings of subject matter experts and other stakeholders
    • Submits Change Request tickets
    • Point of Contact with CAB
    • Updates Change Worksheet based on CAB inquiries and feedback
    • Monitors change implementation
    • Point of Contact with techs implementing change
    • Completes Change Worksheet After Action Summary