Service Types in DTS


Change – the addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on services for a group.

Incident – a break in service has been reported

  • Major Incident – a break in service affecting a whole or multiple campuses (process)

Problem – a set of incidents that need to be tracked until a root cause is identified

Project – the implementation of a new system or service. Could be long term and could generate many changes.

Service Request – a request for a pre-approved service



  • Deleting inactive Schoology accounts
  • Altering the permissions in IC for a large number of users
  • Correcting an error found in the employee import scripts
  • Moving a VM from the data center to Azure
  • Taking a version update to Infinite Campus because users are experiencing a problem that has no workaround
  • Require teachers to start admitting students into Webex Personal Meeting
  • Updating WordPress
  • Modifying a report to distinguish between COVID positive & quarantine cases
  • Adding a rule to the content filter on all elementary iPads to block YouTube
  • Upgrading the OS and SQL version on IV-DB1
  • Running a new script to delete inactive users from Schoology.
  • Modifying a Group Policy
  • Moving a digital curricular application from .csv upload to Clever integration
  • Installing a new air conditioning unit in the Data Center that requires a power outage
  • Adjusting term dates in Schoology
  • Upgrading the current version of a product like:
    • The BusBoss operating system and SQL
    • IV-DB1 operating system and SQL
    • Infinite Campus because users are experiencing an issue that has no workaround
    • CheckPoint
    • Jamf
  • Retiring a report being replaced by a new version


  • Computer is not powering on and needs to be replaced
  • An active student in IC does not have access to an expected curricular tool
  • The network in unavailable for school in Erie (major incident)


  • AirServer is not working as desired across many units district-wide
  • Multiple users are reporting they are unable to open Google links (Drive, Slides) in Schoology.


  • Creating a new stockroom program/process
  • Implementing ClassLink
  • Developing a process for requesting iOS apps
  • Implementing a new mobile device management system
  • Integrating a new digital curriculum tool

Service Requests

  • Providing a computer for a new teacher
  • Changing an employee’s name
  • Changing sharing rules to add a new course to an existing curricular tool rostered through Clever
  • Installing a new printer
  • Configuring a staff member for VPN access
  • Building a new report based on an existing one