Schoology Assignments vs. Schoology Events

There are many ways for students to stay organized in Schoology using the calendar feature, as assignments and events for classes show up on the students’ Schoology calendars. However, it is important to differentiate between an assignment and an event.

Schoology Assignments are useful when students need to turn work in on Schoology, whether it be a homework assignment, a class worksheet, or a project. The assignment will show up in the Upcoming section of the students’ Schoology pages until they submit work, even if the due date has past. Thus, students are continuously reminded to submit work to the assignment, and parents receive email notifications that their student has an overdue submission.

While this is beneficial for work such as homework and projects, it can be confusing for students and parents when work does not need to be submitted on Schoology, such as for a test. To learn how to create an assignment in a browser, follow these instructions. To learn how to create an assignment on an iOS device, follow these instructions.

Schoology Events are useful for due dates and other happenings that do not require work to be submitted on Schoology, whether it is a test or a field trip. Students will see the event in the Upcoming section of their Schoology accounts until the day of the event passes. To learn how to create an event, follow these instructions.