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How to Embed Content in Schoology

Note: Google Forms must be added differently. Click here to see how to embed forms.

Begin by logging into Schoology and opening your desired course.
Click “Add Materials” then “Add Page.”
Title your page and add any description or text you would like to in the box.

When you are ready to embed content, click on the box with an arrow going
through it–the insert content button.

Click on the resource from which you are getting the content.
You will then be taken to that resource. Look for the content you want to embed
and click the box next to it, selecting it with a check mark.
Next, click “Import” then “Import Embed.”
Your embedded content will now look like the following; it will just be a yellow box.

Once you create the page, this yellow box will turn into your content. 
If you would like to make your content window bigger, click the gear then “Edit Page.”

On the right side of the screen, click the two circles, and switch to HTML.
Change the window dimensions to whatever you would like by typing in different numbers for width and height.
Click “Create”

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