Best Practices for Seesaw Building Administrators

Principals can use analytics and virtual classroom visits to see what is happening in classrooms across the entire campus and comment on journal posts.

Best Practices for Seesaw School Admins

  • Teachers in your building may request a Seesaw for Schools account when they log into their free account. When you receive an email with the subject line “<Teacher> requests access to Seesaw for Schools at <School>” only grant access if the teacher is a PK-3rd grade teacher or support staff. The district standard Learning Management System (LMS) for for 4th and 5th grade is Schoology. Any 4th or 5th grade teacher or class inadvertently added may be removed to free up licenses for PK-3rd grade.
  • Only add additional Seesaw Building Admins that are a school-level admin. Remember, administrators have access to all teacher and student accounts in the building.
  • The district Learning Technology Team will also have Seesaw Building Admin accounts for each school. This helps with district support and alignment.
  • If classes at your school are not showing up correctly in Seesaw, please check Infinite Campus (IC) to make sure students and teachers are correctly rostered. Discourage teachers from manually adding students to classes. If a problem is noted, submit a Help Desk Work Request.
  • Note that the only classes rostered from IC to Seesaw are:
    • AM Attendance
    • PM Attendance (Kinder only)
    • Art
    • Music
    • PE
  • If a PK-3rd grade student does not have access to Seesaw, first confirm that the student is rostered in classes correctly in IC. If the student is rostered in IC, but still does not have a Seesaw account, please submit a Help Desk Work Request. Do not manually create student accounts, as this will result in duplicate accounts and may cause students to lose work.
  • Home Learning Codes are turned off by default. Now that we automatically roster classes in Seesaw, students should can now login via ClassLink. Students login using these instructions. Please do not change the login method.