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How to Turn in a Schoology Assignment using Google Drive

1. In a Schoology assignment page, select “Submit Assignment.”
2. Select the “Resources” tab.
3. Select the “Apps” icon, then select the “Google Drive Resource App.” You may need to select “Approve” if this is your first time using the app.
4. Select the check box on the document or item you would like to submit.
5. Select the newly appeared “Import” button, then select “Import File.”
6. When “Import File” is selected, the file from Google Drive will upload. “Assignment submitted” confirms that the assignment was successfully submitted.
7. Submitting a Google Drive file this way ensures that all Schoology admins for the course have the ability to view the Google file.
8. An assignment is able to be re-submitted by selecting the “Re-submit Assignment” button. This will add another revision, and will not delete the first assignment.

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