Schoology and Infinite Campus: Discrepancies with Grades

If you use grade passback and there are discrepancies between your Schoology and Infinite Campus gradebooks in which the grades are different for the same student, please check the following settings. 

Double check that categories in both Schoology and Infinite Campus are the same weight and name. For example, “Assessments” are weighted at 70% and “Learning Activities” are weighted at 30% in both systems.

In Schoology, visit one of your courses and select the “Grade Setup” under the course picture, on the left side.

Ensure that the correct grade scale is selected. For secondary, it should be set at SVVSD Secondary (except for Sunset MS.)

Now, select your first category.

Ensure that the “Calculated by:” is set to “Total Points.” Then select “Save Changes.” 

What’s the difference between “Total Points” and “Percent?” Read more here. **Choosing “Percent”  is not recommended.

Repeat for the remainder of your categories.

Select “Save Changes” on the main “Grade Setup” page.

Compare your Schoology and Infinite Campus to see if grade discrepancies have been rectified. If not, continue to the next step. 

In your IC gradebook, when setting up categories for the term, make sure that “use Score’s % value is unchecked 

Visit your “Grade Setup,” again for your course. 

Under the “Control Grading Columns in Gradebook,” check the “Total points column,” then select “Save Changes.”

 Visit your Schoology gradebook

In another browser, visit Infinite Campus and go to the gradebook for the same course that is open in Schoology. It helps to have the two browsers open side by side to compare. 

Compare students’ total points out of points possible. Grades may be different if not all assignments are synced from Schoology to Infinite Campus. See example below: 

As you can see from the above example, if the students’ total points out of the possible points ARE NOT the same, then there will be a difference in total grade percentages. For example, Student A in Schoology’s grade is 161 total points out of 185 possible points equalling an 85.67%; however, in Infinite Campus, the same Student A had 93 total points out of 105 possible points equalling an 84.50%. 

Make sure that all Schoology assignments are successfully synced with Infinite Campus. Also, make sure there are no blanks in Schoology, for the Schoology gradebook counts it as a zero. This may be the case for assignments with a due date, but that are not yet graded.