Pairing your Zebra Bluetooth Scanner

Symbol CS3000 series

In order to use a Bluetooth scanner, you must first pair it with the device with which you wish to use it. You will need to have the scanner itself, a Bluetooth-compatible tablet or computer, and the scanner’s user manual.

  • Access the Bluetooth setting on your computer or tablet, and enable the option if it isn’t already so.
  • Hold down the Scan button on the scanner (the large button labeled with a “+” symbol, in order to turn it on.
  • Hold down the Bluetooth button for five seconds, until you hear a chime and the scanner appears on the list of your Bluetooth devices. Select it there.
  • Your computer will prompt you with a sequence of numbers in a pop-up window. Reference page eight of the scanner’s user manual.
  • Using the barcodes listed there, scan them in order as shown. Scan the “Enter” barcode when done. (You have a limited time to enter the sequence. If you do not, you must turn the scanner off and on again, and start over.)

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