LTP iPad Repair Process

  • A repair work ticket is submitted by a school. The Insurance status of the iPad’s assigned user must be assessed.
  • Students for whom it is their first incident, will be issued a replacement. Mark the date and IM reference number on the SV iPad Insurance tab in Infinite Campus.
  • As of the start of the 20-21 School year, a student on their second or greater insurance incident will still be issued a replacement iPad.
    • 2nd use of iPad insurance, a fee of $50 is entered in IC. 3rd use of insurance a fee of $100 is entered in IC.
    • 4th use of insurance the student will have a fee of $236.55. Student can purchase iPad insurance for any future repairs.
  • Teachers and elementary iPads are always to be issued a replacement iPad at no cost.
  • Current repair rates for uninsured students are at the cost of an exchange through GSX — $236.55 in all instances short of catastrophic damage. 
  • If appropriate, use the iPad Inventory Tool at the bottom of the work ticket to move the replacement iPad’s asset tag to the appropriate school site (This is where the student is enrolled. If a staff member, move the iPad to “Staff”, and then assign the device directly to them from the District Media Services site in Destiny).
  • Indicate the insurance usage and the replacement iPad’s asset number (if issued) in a comment on the work ticket using the .
  • Pick up the damaged iPad from the site, leaving a replacement when applicable. Return the iPad to DTS for evaluation. Indicate the date of return in a comment to the work ticket, and change the ticket status to “Waiting for St. Vrain Dept.”
  • Evaluate and photograph the extent of the damage to the device. Attach the photos to the work ticket. Make sure the device has been erased, and any activation lock removed. Change the iPad from its prior site to Exchange to the with the iPad Inventory Tool.
  • Print out a copy of the work ticket, place the iPad in the top Storeroom filing cabinet for shipment to GSX exchange.

  • When replacement has been received, assign a fee to the student as applicable. Email the school’s LTP coordinator through the work ticket to inform them of the charge (an email template “iPad Repair Fee” exists in Service Desk).
  • Resolve the ticket with the corresponding hardware repair close code.

LTP iPad Replacement Preparation