Using Cisco Webex for Phone Calls

Using the Calling option in Cisco Webex, St. Vrain Valley School District staff members can call anyone with a phone number or answer calls from anyone calling their work number. When you make these types of calls, it is just like making a regular phone call from your classroom or desk phone. 

Cisco Webex is an application available for installation through the Self Service app on a district iPad or Macintosh computer. You must log into Self Service on your Macintosh computer to see the Cisco Webex Install/Upgrade option. Users of Microsoft Windows computers or other devices can download the application directly from the Webex Downloads website. An administrator will need to assist during installation.

To call a district phone extension, dial the extension. For example, to call the Help Desk, dial 57730.

To call an outside local or long distance number, dial 9 + 1 + phone number. For example, to call a phone number in Longmont, Colorado, dial 9-1-303-123-4567.


  • Staff members must have an assigned district phone extension in order to use Cisco Webex for making phone calls.
  • Webex Calling should only be used for district business. All Cisco Webex calls and data are subject to review per district policy.
  • While long distance calling is an option in Webex, users should only use long distance calling when no local number is available for contacting a family. Long distance charges will be billed back to the school or department.
  • Lastly, return calls made to teachers (staff members with an extension but no direct dial number) will ring to the main office number, just as they do now. Office staff can then forward the call to the appropriate extension.