Copying Personal Resources to School Resources within Schoology

Anything saved in Personal Resources within Schoology can be copied into School Resources, and is automatically shared with staff at your school. Those resources can then be copied to courses for students to access. These resources can only be copied by a Schoology Building Admin.

Schoology Building Admins are Learning Coaches and Instructional Coordinators.

If you would like something copied in Personal Resources, and are unable to reach out to a Schoology Building Admin, please email a Help Desk Specialist at [email protected] for further assistance. Make sure the email subject is Copy Personal Resources within Schoology.

Schoology Building Admins Steps:

1. Log into Schoology

2. Choose Resources

3. Choose Personal

4. Choose Add Resources
5. Once you have added a resource, select Copy to
6. From the Collection: dropdown menu, choose your school
Note: Only schools you are assigned to will appear in this list

7. From the Folder: dropdown menu, choose an available folder
Note: You are able to create folders for content areas to make it more logical and easy for teachers to locate items

8. Select Copy
Note: All teachers and staff automatically have access to School Resources based on their district assignment in Infinite Campus