Accessing Resources and Online Learning Content in Schoology

All Online/Hybrid Learning Materials (including Common Cartridge Content) will be housed in School Resources
Every teacher has access to School Resources. Inside Group Resources, is a list of all groups to which you belong, as well as your School Resources. Staff associated with that school already have access to School Resources for their associated buildings. 
Below are the instructions on how to access curated resources. If you would like to add to the School Resource Group, please contact your ITC, LTC, Learning Leader, Principal or submit a help desk ticket.

Add videoAccessing and Copying Resources in Schoology Video

1. Log into Schoology and choose Resources
2. Click Group
3. Click your School or St. Vrain Valley Schools
4. Open the desired folder
5. Click on the Gear icon to copy to your Personal Resources or add to your Course

Teachers cannot add to Group Resources
Advanced roles can load assignments, documents and materials into Group Resources for all to access. Teachers can copy the appropriate assignments to their courses or personal resources
Students and parents can only view the items, but cannot edit or move resources
For instructions on how to load Learning Materials into School Resources (Schoology Building Admins only), click here.
For instructions on adding a co-teacher to your course, click here.