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Schoology Parent Login Instructions (Mobile Devices)

Click here to access these instructions in Spanish

Schoology Parent Login video

Schoology Student Account vs. Parent Account Video

If you forgot your password, tap this link to reset

Download the Schoology App from the App Store or Google Play

Ignore the white box
Tap the blue “CONTINUE” button

Enter your Infinite Campus Parent Portal email address and password,
then tap “LOG IN”

If you need help or forgot your password, tap the link at the bottom of the login page

Username: The email you use for Infinite Campus
If you forgot your password, tap this link to reset
Find my children:
At the top left corner, tap on the 3 lines
Then “My Children”

Tap on “More” then, your child’s name. Only 1 child is shown at a time here. Once you tap on their name the rest of your children will show.
Toggle between your children

If you need further assistance, please contact the school where your child attends.

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