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Seesaw in SVVSD

Seesaw is a platform for learning engagement that allows students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate while supporting strong family/school relationships.

  • Students use creative tools to capture learning.
  • Teachers find and create learning activities to share with students and provide feedback. Instruction can be customized by whole class, small group, or specific students.
  • Families only see their students’ work and can leave comments and encouragement.

In St. Vrain, Seesaw is the primary tool for sharing content with Pre-K through third grade, while Schoology is the learning management system for grades four and up.


Login with the Class app

Or login through a browser at


Connect with the Family app

Or login through a browser at

Click on the links below to learn more about Seesaw and how it works to support learning in SVVSD.

Creating and Using Activities in Seesaw
Adding an Activity from the District Library to Your Course
Uploading an Activity to the District Library
Sharing Activities with Other Teachers
Using Creative Tools
Posting to the Class Journal
(to share exemplars, announcements, additional resources, etc.)
Adding a Co-Teacher to Your Class
Introduction to Seesaw for Families
Translation Tools in Seesaw
More Seesaw Tutorials

Distance Learning with Seesaw

Teachers: Creating Home Learning Codes to Send to Families
(remember to treat these codes like passwords and send in an individual email or post to the individual student journal)
How Students can Access Seesaw from Home
More Remote Learning Resources from Seesaw

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