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Adding iPads to LANrev MDM

Once a device has been designated for management through the MDM, please follow the steps below to assign it and add the necessary data to the MDM.

What may be added to the MDM:

  • All LTP iPads
  • Site purchased iPads that are designated for use by a single person
  • Other iPads as determined by the Mobile Device Support Team.

To add devices to the MDM:

  1. Inventory iPad in Device Scan.
  2. Enroll the iPad via the Apple School Manager (ASM) and attach it to our MDM server:
    2. While in ASM, copy down the Apple Sales Order number, which can be found by searching for the serial number of the iPad.
  3. Log in to am-server from your LANrev Admin Console
  4. Search for the serial number of the iPad.
    1. If nothing shows up open the Server menu and select Synchronize Device Enrollment Data.
    2. If after 30 seconds the device is still not showing up, hold the option key and go in the Server menu to Reload Device Enrollment Data.
  5. The following steps will be found under the menu when you right click on the device
    1. Select Enter Custom Field Data…
      1. Enter the Funding source, Site Abbreviation, Apple Sales Order Number, SVVSD asset tag, and Import Date. Info about Custom Fields
        *Devices for Staff members should be assigned to the Staff site abbreviation.
      2. If any of the Special Note fields need to be set, do so now.
    2. Select Device Enrollment > Assign Device Enrollment Profile…
      1. For all devices used by staff or secondary students select the Supervised profile
      2. For elementary student devices that are not going to be a “Shared iPad” select the Supervised – No authentication profile.

Everything after this point is applied by policy, so there should be no additional steps.

If there are any questions about this process or if specific guidance is needed in your situation, please reach out the Mobile Device Support Team for assistance.

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