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IC Quick Student Check

For a quick look at a student’s Contact Information, Today’s Schedule, Grades and Attendance.

When a teacher logs in to IC they land at the Control Center.

From the Control Center under Attendance Teachers can either click the number, 26/28 for example or ‘Take’ and the class roster will display on the right side of the screen.
Click on any student’s name to bring up detailed information.
From this view it’s quick access to the four options listed.
By expanding Attendance there is a quick summary of the number of Absences and Tardies for this class. It’s possible to scroll up to see previous month’s data.
Here it is possible to see the Grades for this course.
This view will provide the student’s guardian’s contact information.
When finished with this student click on Close at the bottom of the screen to view the other students in the class.

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