Suspicious Login Activity Detected from Your Account

Why did I get an email stating that “Google has detected suspicious login activity” in my account?

Each day we see dozens of district logins for students and staff from outside the United States. When our security monitor detects a login from outside the country, an automated warning email is sent to the student or staff member. In some cases an automated alert may be sent if the activity is within the United States but outside of the normal login routine ( such as logins from a different state, or several attempted logins in a very short period of time).

I’m still here, so how could my login have originated from another country?

Two possibilities:

  1. Your credentials have been compromised and someone is using your username and password (the most likely scenario);
  2. You’re using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when accessing a district account on either a personal or school-issued device. (Note: While you may chose to use a VPN on a personal device on a public network, SVVSD resources should not be accessed using 3rd party VPN tools. VPNs are not allowed on the district network or on student devices.)

What should I do?

If you’re not using a VPN, change your password immediately.

Students, change your password with the Password Manager. Make sure you choose a new password that you have not used in the past.

Staff, please review the login activity on your google account (see below) or call the Help Desk for assistance determining if the alert was due to an account compromise. Follow these directions for more details, and reset your password at the Password Manager if any of your recent login details seem suspicious.

Note: If suspicious login activity is noted on a district account, the account may be suspended by Google or by SVVSD. Suspicious login activity may include multiple logins from several countries within a short time frame or spam emails generated from a district account.

For additional information regarding login activity on your Google account, click on the Details link in the bottom right corner of the Google Mail page while logged into a web browser.

If you have questions, please contact the Help Desk at 303-702-7730, or ext. 57730.