Disabling Private Browsing on Student iPads

While web content on student iPads connected to the district network is filtered, private mode is not disabled by default. When private mode is enabled, web history is not saved. Parents may wish to use the Screen Time tool in Settings to set limits on private browsing or monitor web history.

Note: If the school has enabled Level 3 restrictions on the district iPad, Apple’s filter is already enabled and private browsing is disabled.

1. On the iPad, tap on Settings and then Screen Time
2. Turn ON Screen Time
3. Tap Continue
4. Choose This is My Child’s iPad
5. Either configure or skip through the next three screens (Downtime, App Limits, Content & Privacy)
6. Enter a Parent Passcode. This should be a code that you will remember but that your child does not know.
7. Select Content & Privacy Restrictions and enter your Parent Passcode to configure
8. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions to turn ON
9. Tap on Content Restrictions
10. Tap on Web Content
11. Tap to check Limit Adult Websites

Note: While checking this setting will disable the ability to use private browsing or to erase web browsing history, it also enables Apple’s web filter, which may prevent access to some educational sites.