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Active Directory Users & Computers console Tips & Tricks

Here are some Tips & Tricks and recommended initial settings to establish within the ADUC console.

While browsing Organizational Units (OU) you see the following message and need to see the rest of the items in the OU.

  • To see additional items in an OU do the following:
    • Navigate to the View menu > select Filter Options > increase the the numeric value of Minimum number of items displayed per folder:

Someone demonstrated how to see additional AD attributes such as when a password had been last set and all you see are the following tabs

  • Where is the additional Attribute Editor tab
    • Navigate to the View menu > select the Advanced Features so it is enabled, denoted with a check box.
    • Go directly to the object, in the OU to view the Properties and you’ll now have additional tabs including the Attribute Editor to select. NOTE: If you use the ADUC Search feature to find an object, the additional Attribute Editor tab will not show while viewing Properties from the search results.
      • How to know which OU path an object can be found. Use the Search feature > open the object’s Properties > select the Object tab. The path will be displayed within the Canonical Name of Object

While browsing OUs you want to see at a glance and sort by more information than just object Names in the console such as Last Modified or Title or Description or Email etc.

  • How to view additional attributes at a glance
    • Navigate to the View menu > select the Add / Remove Columns > select/unselect attributes between the Available and Displayed columns and change order till you have it established the way you want.

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