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Schoology Grade Passback FAQ’s

  • Which gradebook is considered “official?”
    • Infinite Campus is the district’s gradebook-of-record. To stay ahead of any confusion, please be sure to reiterate this with students and parents.
  • Can I still use Infinite Campus  to create assignments and enter grades?
    • Yes, assignments can be created in either (or both of) Schoology and/or Infinite Campus. Any assignments put into Schoology will sync from Schoology into Infinite Campus (important: assignments & scores in Infinite Campus do not go back into Schoology). If a teacher makes a change to a grade in Infinite Campus that is synced to Schoology, the grade will be overwritten by the grade in Schoology on the next sync.
  • How do I change an assignment score that was created in Schoology and has already been copied into Infinite Campus?
    • Excellent question! If there is a need to change a student’s Schoology assignment score, make that change in Schoology and that will then be reflected into Infinite Campus. Caution: changes made in Infinite Campus scores that were originally imported from Schoology will be overwritten during the next grade sync.  
  • Do I need to set up grading categories in Schoology to match those of Infinite Campus?
    • Yes, particularly if your Infinite Campus gradebook is weighted by categories, then the Schoology gradebook needs to utilize the same categories (including spelling and weighting).
  • If I change the assignment names in Infinite Campus would it transfer over to Schoology?
    • No. Assignments need to be created in Schoology first, and any modifications to those assignment names are best originated in Schoology then manually synced to IC.  Grade passback is a one way street: Schoology to Infinite Campus. 
  • Can a teacher choose an assignment to sync or does it need to be the whole gradebook?
    • It does not need to be the whole gradebook but can be both depending on teacher preference.

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