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Summer iPad Access for Students


Goal: To provide students literacy opportunities over the summer through access to the online digital library and other literacy apps and programs.

DTS Commitments & Responsibilities:

Provide MDM training for school point of contact so that s/he may submit tickets for repairs and lost/missing and support families over the summer.

Install the Level 3 Restrictions profile on iPads prior to being sent home.

Provide charging bricks and cables for iPads to be sent home.

Provide an additional 4 LTP SC hours to schools for additional time needed for supporting summer access.

School Commitments and Responsibilities:

Identify point of contact who will communicate with DTS, configure iPads, and provide troubleshooting support for families over the summer.

Erase and re-enroll iPads to remove all previous student data prior to sending the iPads home.

At least two weeks prior to the start of the program, submit a ticket to DTS with the dates when iPads will be sent home along with a list of iPad asset tags.

Make a personal connection with all parents of students participating in the program. Provide parents with the Expectations & Commitments and information about home filtering and setting restrictions on the iPad.

Provide contact information and/or days and times when families can contact schools during the summer break with questions or report damaged lost iPads.

Collect iPads, charging bricks, and cables prior to the start of school. Erase iPads to remove all student data. Return charging bricks and cables to DTS.


Elementary Family Expectations & Commitments (Spanish version here)

Elementary Parent and Student Agreement (Spanish version here)

Sample Letter to Send Home to Parents (Spanish version here)



To provide students with access to their materials in support of district summer school success.

To provide access for students who use their iPad as a communication device or for Extended School Year (ESY) students.

To allow schools access to tools in support of school-based summer programming.

DTS Commitments & Responsibilities:

Communicate to schools which students will be keeping their iPads for summer school (eCredit) or ESY/communication devices.

Provide training, if necessary, for school point of contact so that s/he may submit tickets for repairs and lost/missing and support families over the summer.

Continue to provide repair and inventory support for the duration of the summer programming.

At the end of summer school (eCredit), collect iPads and return to students’ home schools.

School Commitments & Responsibilities:

Inform DTS of any school-based summer programming through

Factor into the planning the rollover dates in Infinite Campus that affect new student access and access to grade-level content.

Offer insurance to any students not currently covered, after inspecting the iPad carefully. (Insurance purchased for the current school year is good through the summer.)

Connect with all parents of students participating in a school-based summer program and communicate purpose and expectations of program.

For school-based programs, identify at least one point of contact who will be the support person for iPad repair tickets, collection, and student assistance during the summer. Provide contact information to families.

During iPad check-in, schools will not check in iPads for students who have elected to keep their iPad for summer school (eCredit) and will set aside iPads that will be used for ESY or communication needs. Note: During check-in, these devices will be flagged in the check-in app.

At the end of the school-based program, collect and check in iPads.


4 Steps to Summer iPad Access

Form to communicate school-based summer programming to DTS

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