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Webex In Meeting Options

Host responsibilities: Meetings are set to automatically record.  As host you can decide to stop or pause recording.

Webex Meetings screen recording

It is good Meetings etiquette to let people know that you are recording their meeting and whether or not that recording will be shared.  Participants are able to see whether or not a meeting is being recorded at the top right of their screen.

Webex recording indicator

Sharing Recordings: Log into to view your recordings.  You can download the MP4 from here or share the video from the Webex platform. Please refer to the district video production and sharing guidelines when making decisions about sharing. Once you have reached 5gb of storage, the oldest meetings will be replaced with the newest.

Webex recordings screen

Menu buttons on bottom of screen and top right corner are for sharing your screen, using a common whiteboard, checking your video and audio connections, group chat, and changing your screen view of the meeting.  Once you are in a meeting, hover over a button and explore!

Webex screen options

Want to explore further? Here is a place to go for more help and information on how to use this tool:

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