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How to Schedule a Webex Meeting

There are many ways to schedule or initiate a meeting.  The easiest and recommended way is from your Google Calendar.

Open Google Calendar, and select the day/time for your meeting.

Calendar view

Select “More options” to get a full screen of options for scheduling your meeting.  Under the dropdown menu for “Add conferencing” select either “Webex Meeting” or “Webex Personal Room meeting.  A Webex meeting is specific to the set of people invited to the meeting. A Webex personal room meeting is a space that is a less private space where people can ‘drop in’.  A Personal room meeting would be an appropriate selection for open office hours, or an open forum you would like people who aren’t on the invite list to be able to drop into.

Calendar options

One you have made a selection, invite your guests and save the event.  You can see in the screenshot below that there are links that have been added to the calendar invite for participants to use to join the meeting.

Screenshot of Webex added to calendar

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