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How to Join a Webex Meeting

The easiest way to join a meeting you have been invited to is to use the link inside of the calendar invitation.  Open the calendar invite, and click “join Webex meeting”.

Calendar Link to Join a Webex Meeting

This will open a webpage for the meeting, enter your name and @svvsd email address and join the meeting. If you are hosting the meeting, you will need to sign in using the blue “sign in” button. You do NOT have to sign into Webex to join a meeting someone else is hosting. This is what allows you to host meetings with people outside of SVVSD who do not have Webex credentials.

Join meeting screen

When joining a meeting using your laptop, make sure that your audio and video connections match the ones shown below.  You may need to click allow on a pop-up for your microphone and camera.

Audio and Video Connections

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