Getting Started with Cisco Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings Preferences Set Up

  • Go to
  • Enter your full St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) email address
  • Click Sign In
  • This will redirect you to the St. Vrain Valley Schools Sign-On site
  • Enter your district username and password
  • Select Sign in
  • You are now logged into your Cisco Webex Meetings homepage
  • Select Preferences in the menu on lefthand side
  • There are five (5) sets of preference options
    • General
    • My Personal Room
    • Audio and Video
    • Scheduling
    • Recording
  • We recommend leaving the General and Audio and Video preferences as the default settings
  • My Personal Room
    • Webex Personal Room is a meeting space that is similar hosting office hours or class time
    • SVVSD students and staff can join or ask to join your Webex Personal Room through invitation or by using the Join option in the Cisco Webex Meeting application
    • The web address for a SVVSD Webex Personal Room is
    • We recommend not setting up others as a Cohost to your Personal Room unless it is necessary
  • Scheduling
    • Here you can decide if your default schedule type is Webex Meetings Pro Meeting or Webex Meetings Personal Room
    • You can also decide if you would like an email reminder
    • It is NOT recommended to automatically share recordings with participants
      Note: Refer to the district media sharing guidelines to determine whether or not a video can be shared
  • Recording
    • The selected recording view determines which screen layout is used when playing back new recordings