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Getting Started with Webex Meetings- Preferences

Go to

Enter your full @svvsd email address.

Webex email address login screen

This will redirect you to the SVVSD sign in page.  Enter your district username and password.

Webex single sign on page

This will bring you to your Cisco Webex Meetings homepage:

Webex individual home page

Go to Preferences half way down the left hand menu and you will have 4 sets of preferences options (seen in the screenshot below). Leave the General and Audio and Video preferences as the default settings.

Personal Room:  Your personal room is a space that is like hosting “office hours” time.  It is a space that people can join or ask to join based on your settings regardless of whether or not they are invited to a meeting time.

Go to the preferences settings for your personal room.There are some choices you can make about your Personal Room Settings and Scheduling.  *It is HIGHLY recommended to NOT allow others to host Personal Room meetings without you*

Webex Meetings individual preferences

In Scheduling preferences, you can decide if you would like an email reminder.  This is also the space where you can designate another use to schedule meetings from your account.

It is NOT recommended to automatically share recordings with participants.  Please refer to the district media sharing guidelines to determine whether or not a video can be shared (especially with participants from outside our district).

Webex scheduling preferences

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