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How to Setup Your Lulzbot Taz 3D Printer

LulzBot TAZ6 User Manual

Quick Start Guide – To Set Up Your First Print

Download the Cura Lulzbot application to your Mac from Self Service.

Unpacking the box:

  • Open the box (Lulzbot Taz) Note: Save the packaging.
  • Several boxes are stacked and numbered.  The instruction packet is included in a ziploc bag.  Open the instruction packet and start with the booklet titled Start Here. Read through the booklet. You will notice it gives detailed instructions step-by-step with colored photos.
ziploc bag
  • As requested lie box on its side (2 person job) and follow the steps to unpack the printer in the Start Here booklet.  You will need a large, clean surface to setup the printer.  

Setting up the printer:

  • Continue to follow the step-by-step instructions on how to setup the printer. The instructions are easy to follow.  Refer to the photos to ensure you are plugging in and mounting correctly. Note:  The stickers of the green triangles on the 16 pin connector may be set up incorrectly from the manufacturer (Step 8B).

Software and First Print:

  • Once the printer is set up move to booklet two titled Operation. The Cura Lulzbot program is in Self Service so go there to install it.  Do NOT go to the website in the booklet.
  • WARNING:  The version of the software that is on Self Service is newer than what is referenced in the booklet.  Step 4 is where we saw the difference. Our work around was to click the monitor tab at the top left and hit connect (middle right) to initialize the connection between the software and the printer.  Once the connection was made you may get prompted to update the 3D printers firmware.
  • NOTE: This is what your screen will look like if you are running Cura version 3.2.21.  You will need to scroll down to get to some of temperature controls.
  • At step 5B enter the temperature manually into the dialogue box for the Hot End. Then click Pre-heat button. Follow Steps 6-8.
  • Step 9 Verify Print Extrusion directions are different.  You will need to scroll down to Manual Control and enter 10 next to Extrusion amount and hit Extrude.
  • Step 10 Start Your First Print directions are different.  You will need to go to the Prepare Tab on the top left. Once there you will need to press the Print button on the lower right. Be sure to click on the Print thru USB for your first print.
  • Once printing is complete follow the remaining steps.  The printing takes about an hour.

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