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Display Settings on Your New Mac

Since you now have a new computer (yay!) some of your defaults might have changed.  One of the most critical is the settings you use for your classroom projector.

To set these properly, you will need to have your computer plugged into the projector system and have both the computer and projector powered on.

To get started, open your System Preferences:

screenshot of system preferences

From there you will select Displays:

screenshot of displays icon

Click on the arrangement tab.  From here you adjust your mirroring settings.  Mirroring will show the same image on the projector that is on your computer screen.  If you click on the Display tab, you can adjust the resolution by clicking the scaled button. (Pro tip: if you hold down option key while selecting the scaled button you will get a full list of resolutions!). screenshot of display settingsscreenshot of display settings 

For most systems, we find that either 1280×800 or 1440×900 are great starting points, but feel free to play around with the different options.

Please contact the help desk (x-57730) if you have any questions.

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