G Suite Shared Drive (Formerly Team Drive)

The G Suite Shared Drive product is available for St. Vrain Valley School District staff for use internally with other svvsd.org accounts. It’s similar to G Suite My Drive except files and folders are owned by the members and not by individuals. What this means is that svvsd.org accounts can join or leave the members and it will not affect where the files are stored and still allow you to search, access, and store any file, just as you do with My Drive.

The ability to create Shared Drives will only be available to SVVSD staff. The staff member is welcome to provide students access to a Shared Drive for project collaboration, searching, and storing content. Students themselves will not have the permission to create an individual Shared Drive without going through a staff member on their behalf.

Instructions on how to create and use Shared Drive

Below are some recommended guidelines and restrictions.

  • Naming Recommendations:

To prevent duplicate names occurring, include a site abbreviation and/or department name:

      • Naming to avoid: “Band” or “Leadership” or “Office FIles”
      • Good: “LHS Band” or “LPMS Band”
    • Good: “LSC Curriculum Leadership” or “SHS Admin Leadership”
  • Are there limits in Shared Drive to file size or number of files?

Yes, Google has imposed limits to the size of files to upload per day and the quantity of files and folder depths. Please see here for details.

  • Can a Shared Drive be shared with users outside of svvsd.org?

Safety and security measures have been applied to only allow sharing a Shared Drive to svvsd.org accounts. However individual files can be shared externally.

  • What are the different share permission options?

When you add new members, they’re given “Content manager” access. You can change a member’s access level at any time. As a rule of thumb, limit who has the highest permission of “Manager.” There can be more than 1 individual with “Manager” permission.  It is only a recommendation to limit this responsibility. Additional details regarding the different permission levels can be found here.

  • Can students use Shared Drive?

A student can ask a teacher to create a Shared Drive on their behalf. It is expected the students should not be provided access higher than “Content Manager.Only a teacher should have “Manager” permission.

  • I’m leaving the district. How do I transfer a Shared Drive ownership?

Technically there is no “Owner” of a Shared Drive.  Make sure one of the other Shared Drive members have the “Manager” permission assigned.

Unlike My Drive, the Shared Drive along with its content will persist and be available to the other Members to search and access the files per their existing permissions.  Additional information for Exiting Employees can be found here.

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