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Beyond Citrix implementation plan and FAQs

Beyond Citrix is a DTS project to provide updated computing equipment to non-instructional staff.


Dates Action Items
Fall 2018 Instructional staff (employees with “teacher” in their IV title) are moved away from Citrix
December 2018 DTS presents project to SVVSD leadership
January 2019 3 readiness sites are identified (SAEL, SMS, LYMS)
January 2019 Equipment requests submitted from all school sites
February 2019 Equipment installed in readiness sites
March 2019 Training needs identified in readiness sites
April 2019 Recommendations from readiness sites collected
May 2019 Installation dates requested from all school sites
June 2019 Equipment prepared for all school sites
July 2019 Library equipment installed at all school sites
Aug-Nov 2019 Equipment installed at all school sites
TBD Admin Departments

School-by-school implementation timeline

School Name Equipment request received Date requested for install Installation complete
Sanborn ES Yes February 12 Yes
Lyons M/S Yes February 20 Yes
Sunset MS Yes April 3 Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is being provided?

Office staff  including secretaries, attendance clerks, receptionists, and registrars will be provided with a desktop PC.
For staff who previously accessed mail, Infinite Visions, Infinite Campus and other online resources through a thin client, kiosks will be replaced with Chromebox machines.

My school has already purchased computers for my office staff. What should we do?

If your office staff already have access to current technology, there’s no requirement to replace it at this time.

My office staff would prefer a laptop or a Mac desktop. May we request this instead.

If you or your staff would prefer a different computer than the standard desktop PC, you may choose to use school funds to purchase an alternate device through the SVVSD Tech Store.

How does this impact equipment provided to teachers?

The Beyond Citrix project will not impact equipment provided to teachers. All teachers, principals, assistant principals and deans will be provided with a laptop as part of the Learning Technology Plan.

What about the data I have stored on my thin client?

All data stored in your Citrix My Documents and Shared folders will still be available to you.

What is the exact equipment model we will receive?

Desktop PC users will receive a Lenovo Tiny PC running Windows 10, a 21″ monitor, along with a wired keyboard and mouse. Kiosk Chromeboxes will be consist of a Google Chromebox, 21″ monitor, along with a wired keyboard and mouse. More information can be found on our SVVSD tech store.

Can I keep my thin client?

This is not possible. 

Will I still be able to log in to Citrix from home?

Once your school is fully transitioned, Citrix will only be available to specific users. For most resources used by office staff such as email, Infinite Campus, Google Docs, access will still be available via the web on any device through the Staff Portal.

If I don’t opt in to equipment now, can I request equipment later?

Yes. Future requests will be fulfilled as part of our normal DTS refresh planning.

I don’t need the desktop PC. Can I give it to another person in my building?

No. Equipment provided will be assigned to specific users. If you need to purchase additional equipment beyond what is provided, you may use school funds to do so through the SVVSD Tech Store.

Is this a one time purchase or will this equipment be refreshed?

This equipment will be refreshed as needed as part of the normal DTS planning cycle.

Will admin building departments also be getting new equipment?

DTS will be also working with admin building departments to provide replacement equipment for thin clients. Timeframe: TBD

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