How to Change Mac Printer Settings to Print in Color

Change Print Settings with PaperCut Print Deploy

  1. Go to File and Print, then select the macOS app menu and change to Printer Features
    Note: If this drop down menu is missing, select Show Details
  2. Even though the scroll bar may be hidden in the Printer Features area, if you click to the right side it will be revealed and allow you to scroll down to Print Type:
  3. Next to Print Type: choose the default 2-Sided and change to 1-Sided or Booklet
  4. Continue to scroll down until you see Select Color: listed twice in a row
  5. Next to the top Select Color: choose the default Gray Scale setting and change to Auto Color
  6. A warning will pop up in a new window
  7. Select Continue
  8. The second Select Color: setting will automatically change to Full Color
  9. If you would like to save these settings for future use, select Default Settings next to Presets and select Save Current Settings as Preset…
  10. Lastly, click Print