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Printing from Apple Applications and Changing Print Settings

If you have tried to change your print settings from Pages, Numbers, Keynote, or Safari likely you have run into this strange menu.  Here is how to change the print settings on your mac for these applications when printing to Spear when you need color or one sided

  1. Click on Printer features 
  2. Next you will see a full scrolling list of options, scroll to two sided and select the one sided if you would like that option. 
  3. If you would like color please keep scrolling almost all the way to the bottom of the options page.When you select the color option you will get another popup like the one below please select continue.
  4. Lastly click print.
  5. This will allow you to change those options, it does not save as a default so you will need to complete these steps each time you would like to print one sided or in color.

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