Change Print Settings from an Adobe Application

This article shows how to print to the SVVSD-SPEAR printer from an Adobe application and change the settings to 1-Sided and Auto Color.

  1. Go to File and Print
  2. Select the Printer button at the bottom of the Print window
    Adobe Print Window
  3. Enable Do not show this message again to the warning box that appears, then select the Yes
    Adobe Warning Box
  4. If the window below appears, select Show Details
    Show Details
  5. Now choose the Layout menu and select Layout/Finish to change the default 2-Sided setting to 1-Sided or Booklet
  6. System Print Window SelectAdditionally, from Layout/Finish, click the Finish tab and activate Staple and Punch from this menu, then choose the staple and hole-punch setting desired
    System Print Window Finish
  7. Select Quality to change the default Gray Scale setting to Auto Color or Full Color
  8. If preferred, select Default Settings next to Presets: and choose Save Current Settings as Preset… Saving your settings will allow easy switching of settings
  9. Select Print