Installing Insight Application for ACCESS Testing Using Self Service for Mac Computers

To install the Insight Application for ACCESS testing using Self Service for Macs, you must first load the Self Service application.  Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to the clock to open Spotlight Search.  Then type ‘self service’ as shown in the picture below, and hit enter or double-click the Self Service icon.

You will see a screen similar to the following image when the application opens.  You may see different software available but it will be similar.

On the menu on the left, click the heading that says ‘Assessment.’  Once you see the DRC Insight application, click ‘Install.’

You will see the ‘Install’ button change to read either ‘Running’ or ‘Installing.’  Either way, the application will take 30 seconds to a minute to install.

Once it installs, the following screen will pop up.


You will then click ‘Assign Device to ORG Unit’ and the following screen will pop up.  Type your ORG code into the box and then click ‘Add.’

At this point, you will see one of two screens.  It will either pop up to the System Check page with a bunch of (hopefully) green checkmarks (screenshot is further down the page), or more likely it will open to the main menu.  You will then look for the light purple checkmark in the bottom left part of the screen, and click it.

You will then type in the access code 7745 and click ‘Submit.’

Then you will see the following screen.  Hopefully you will see all green checkmarks.  If you see any red Xs, try running the tests again by clicking ‘Execute Tests.’  If you still see any red Xs, please call the help desk at x57730 and put in a ticket.  When done, click ‘Exit’ and it will exit out of the application.  It will then be ready for testing.