Upgrade macOS Monterey via Self Service

This article will help guide a staff member through the process of updating their macOS computer to the latest St. Vrain Valley School District Technology Services Macintosh supported operating system, macOS Monterey, using the Self Service application. Self Service allows the flexibility to install applications or run upgrades on a district device as needed.

<<Attention>> Important Installation Considerations

  1. This process is not applicable to macOS computers with operating systems prior to 10.14, and you will need to contact the Help Desk ([email protected], X-57730) for assistance with your upgrade. How to find your version of macOS.
  2. This process is not applicable to macOS computers with an Apple M-Series processor, and you will need to contact the Help Desk ([email protected], X-57730) for assistance with your upgrade. How to tell if you are running on an M-Series processor.
  3. This upgrade will download 12 GB or more of data to the computer. Be aware that this download may impact the network to which you are connected. Upgrading on the district’s network is encouraged, although not required.
  4. This process will take up to 1 hour to complete, during which time your system will not be usable. Please plan accordingly.

Back Up Your Data

While this process generally does not result in any loss of data, it is strongly recommended that you back up your data to an appropriate location before updating.

Check out this district Knowledge Base article on how to back up your data.

How to Upgrade Your macOS via Self Service

  1. Connect your computer to power
  2. Quit all applications on your computer
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Open Self Service on your macOS computer
    • Click on the Self Service icon in your Dock
    • If it is not in your Dock, open Spotlight and search for Self Service
      Spotlight search
  5. Once Self Service launches, search for “Monterey” to locate the macOS Monterey Upgrade installer.

    Note: Currently the latest upgrade option is macOS Monterey Upgrade. If there is not at least 45 GB of free disk drive space, your Macintosh computer will not be eligible for the upgrade in Self Service. It will be necessary to delete unneeded files to allow it to qualify for the upgrade.

  6. Read the information regarding this upgrade, and then click Upgrade.

    Monterey info
  7. The latest upgrade will be downloaded at this time. You may see an alert similar to the following:
    Download dialog
  8. Once the download is complete you may see the following warning:
    The following requirements must be met:
         45 GB of free space
         Plugged into power
    Once you have corrected the issue(s), please attempt to run the upgrade from Self Service again.
    Requirements not met
  9. The following screen should be last thing you see before the computer restarts and completes the upgrade.

Reboot warning

Note: Please be patient. The upgrade will take 45-60 minutes and the computer will restart multiple times. When complete, the computer will prompt you to sign in with your district username and password.