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SVVSD URL/Content Filtering Philosophy

The SVVSD Responsible Use Policy (JS, states the district shall take reasonable steps to protect students from accessing material and information that is obscene, pornographic or otherwise harmful to minors. In an effort to meet this requirement, DTS makes every effort to block sites containing the following:

  • Pornography- Materials with the primary intent to be sexually arousing or erotic;
  • Violence- Sites or games with real or life-like images that portray or advocate physical assault against humans, animals, or institutions;
  • Child Abuse/Exploitation- Sites with the primary purpose of discussing or showing children in abusive situations;
  • Gambling- Sites with the primary purpose of allowing users to place wagers or bets online;
  • Personals/Dating- Sites with the primary purpose of online dating or escort services.


Additionally, network resources are prioritized for instructional purposes. Any malicious site or protocol designed to disrupt the confidentiality, integrity, and/or availability of district network services, data, or assets will be blocked. Any non-education site that utilizes a significant proportion of district network resources and interferes with access to educational online resources may be blocked or limited.


Click here for information on how to request that a URL or content be blocked or unblocked.

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